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Forklift certification is required by the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) whether you live in Vineland, NJ or have a forklift job in another state. OSHA requires all employers to train their forklift operators with the proper driving and safety precautions. The employers are responsible for training each driver for the forklift that they specifically drive. While a forklift certification card is not required, they can be a handy tool to keep track of the certification of an employee; and they are generally good for three years.

Forklift drivers who have passed their certification are usually issued a wallet sized forklift certification card that is given to employees once their required training is completed. “Certified Forklift Driver” is generally at the top of the card. It fits easily into your wallet – the forklift certification cards are 3.25 inches wide by 2.25 inches high, made of durable plastic, and are printed on one side only. Your employer can either fill the card out in marker or pen. The card has the employee’s name, the date you finished forklift certification and the signature of the trainer or supervisor.

Keep in mind that many companies require forklift certification and training to be able to apply to forklift jobs in Vineland and other cities in NJ. Some people think that they have received plenty of on the job training, but more employers are looking to hire certified fork truck drivers for insurance reasons. So before you plan too far ahead it is important to get the right training that you need for these highly profitable and fulfilling forklift jobs. You should also think about becoming a forklift mechanic so you can service forklifts manufactured by Hyster, Komatsu, Clark or Linde while earning more money than the average fork lift operator.

A forklift certification card is proof to OSHA and insurance representatives that safety is of the utmost importance to your company. Forklift training will also help you get the best forklift job in Vineland NJ.